Premiere Experience

The Spa with a professional staff team is designed with excellence in mind aiming to give and welcomed you in a relax environment to nurture your mind, body and spirit, enjoy the quality and services (Hair and Skin) at Beauty Era Salon and Spa. Enter into a sense of calm and be captivated by smell, light, sound and touch in an intimate environment of soft-spoken luxury and elegance.

Beauty Era invites you to relax and revitalize with a variety of therapies designed to meet the diverse needs of exclusively for women only.

Body Care

Full Body Salt Glow

Cellulite Body Slim Up

Exfoliation & Body Wrap

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Aromatherapy Massage




Upper Lip



Full Face


Full Arms

Under Arms

Half Legs

Full Legs

Bikini Line


Half Back

Full Back



Full Body (Except Face & Brazilian)

Skin Care

Nourishing Facial

Natural Glowing

Whitening Facial

Acne Treatment

Anti-Aging Facial

Pigmentation Treatment

Hydrating Facial

Natural Face Lighting

Pimple Treatment

Basic Facial

Teenager's Facial

Mineral Care Facial

Silver Facial

Neem Facial

Herbal Facial

24 Carat Gold Facial

Diamond Herbal Facial

Pearl Facial

Oxygen Facial

Special Eye Treatment

Back Facial

Royal Facial

Aroma Facial


Four Layer Facial

Silver Shine (for Instant Glow)

PC Diamond (for Excellent Glow)

Songei Mushroom (for Whitening & Fairness)

Glabra (for Pigmentation, Freckles & Skin Discoloration)

Platinum-Pearl (for Skin Lightening & Instant Removal)

Chocolate Clarity (for Clear Relaxed Skin Tone)

Mango (for Fairness)

Seda Plan (Skin Lightening for Mature Skin))

Cocoa Butter (for Dry & Dehydrated Skin)


Oxy (for Anti-Pollution, Skin Purification)

Glyco Peel (for Acne, Scars)

Pineapple Detox (for Mild Enzyme Peeler for Clear Skin Tone)

Collage Elastin Skin Tightening (for Skin Firming & Anti Ageing)

Organic Facials

Facial (All skin type)

Fruit / Classical Facial

Youthful & Vibrant (for oily skin & mature skin)

Back Facial (Blackheads & dryness)

Exclusive Shahnaz Facial

Oxygen Facial (Skin Treatment for Sever Pimples)

Pearl Facial (for Whitening)

Diamond Facial (Brighter & Youthful)

24 Carat Gold Facial (Anti-Ageing & Pigmentation)